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Swivel Head Riveter
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XP Series Swivel Head hydraulic-pneumatic riveter is designed for rapid rivet installation. The unique swivel head is capable of rotating 360 degrees for riveting in odd angle or hard to reach places. XP Series has a short cycle rate and has comfortable TPU grip for enhanced comfort. AVAK XP series tool is a necessity for the manufacturing industry.


Swivel Head: Patented swivel head for easy riveting of hard to reach work pieces
Powerful: Designed to handle heavy duty rivets
Ergonomic Design: Reduce strain on user with center of gravity located in line with the handle
Fast: Short cycle rate for rapid rivet installation
Comfortable Grip: TPU grip for enhanced comfort

SKU Versions:
102-XP100: For structural and stainless rivets up to 3/16″ (5.0mm)
102-XP200: For structural and stainless rivets up to 1/4″ (6.4mm)

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1/4" (6.4mm), 3/16" (5.0mm)