SH360 Trio

Swivel Head 3-in-1 Tool
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SH360 Trio is a swivel head 3-in-1 functional riveter with extended head and QuickSwitch feature. SH360 Trio all metal construction ensures long-lasting durability and the swivel head feature allows fastening of hard to reach work piece with ease. Requiring only 3 steps to dismount function and 3 steps to assemble function, QuickSwitch allows for fast and efficient functional change with minimal down time. SH360 Trio enables you to do three jobs with a single tool instead of three.


Die-cast aluminium construction for long-lasting durability
Reach difficult work piece with the extended head design
360 º swivel head allows for any angle operation.
Spring loaded for automatic rivet stem ejection
Fasten rivets up to 3/16”(5.0mm) , rivet nuts up to 1/4”(M6) and rivet studs up to 1/4”(M6) for all materials

SKU Versions:
• 101-SH103S: For rivets up to 3/16″, rivet nut and rivet stud up to 1/4″
• 101-SH103M: For rivets up to 5.0mm, rivet nut and rivet stud up to M6

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Metric, SAE UNC


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