Rivet Nut Drill Adapter
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RND10 is designed for rapid and efficient rivet nut setting with the use of any power drill. It eliminates the need for an air compressor and is extremely compact and light weight. For tight places, RND10 could be used with a ratchet wrench instead of a power drill to easily and precisely install all types of rivet nut/nutserts. AVAK RND10 allows you to complete your work 2x faster than a manual hand tool and use up to 3/8″ or M10 with the appropriate mandrels.


Extremely compact and lightweight
For use with a power drill or ratchet wrench
Durable plastic housing for comfort
Includes removable handles for tough rivet nuts
Fasten rivet nut up to 3/8” or M10 for all materials

SKU Versions:
• 103-RND10S: Includes Standards mandrels for fastening #8 to 3/8″ rivet nuts
• 103-RND10M: Includes Metric mandrels for fastening M4 to M10 rivet nuts

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SAE, Metric


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