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Re-invent your riveting needs

We strive to provide you with the most versatile riveting tool that is designed to be the master of all riveting tools. No longer a jack of all trades!

Customization available

Need to customize your tool? Please let us know your requirements and applications and we could provide specialized tool for your needs with our design and manufacturing backbone.

Committed to the environment

We designed our tools to last with replacement parts available for most of our products. We do not think throw-away tools are good for the environment, nor are they economical so we stock replacement parts for most of the tools so you could continue to use the tool you love without buying a new tool. We also use recyclable materials whenever possible to ensure minimal product goes to the landfill.

RidgeGate Tools

Established in 2010

RidgeGate Tools and Technologies was established in 2010 to provide innovating riveting tools to allow tinkers and thinkers to make their products without breaking the bank. We are also designer and tinkers ourselves and use the feedbacks of our client to continuous refine and improve our products for years to come.

Business Clients

For retailer/wholesaler, please contact us to set up your account. We have various warehouse locations to serve you throughout North America.

Specialized Orders

If you require customization of your order, please let us know so we could best accommodate your requests.