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Universal Mandrel System

No more proprietary mandrels for rivet nut fastening, our unique Universal Mandrel System (UMS) uses regular cap screws as rivet nut mandrel. Explore our UMS tool lineup on the right.

MaxDrill Series

MaxDuty Compact 


Use one tool for up to 3 functions, our versatile tools are capable of rivet, rivet nut and rivet stud fastening easily and effortlessly requiring only 3 steps to dismount and 3 steps to mount a function.


Capable of up to 1/2″ standards rivet nut and M12 metric rivet nut, AVAK MaxDuty Flex Series is the tool for your toughest applications. It is also capable of fastening stainless rivets up to 1/4″ and rivet stud up to 5/16″ in Standards and M8 in metric.


Measuring only 8″ in length, MaxDrill Series adapters are compact and lightweight tool that could speed up riveting by up to 2x versus manual hand tools with the use of powered drills. Best of all, it is capable of both rivet and rivet nut fastening.


In a hurry? XP and PR series pneumatic riveting tools can dramatic speed up your riveting effort with maximum cycle of 1 rivet/sec and are capable of the toughest stainless structural rivets on the market.

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